Computer or tablet Decal

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Please type your name as you would like your decal to appear. If you want Mrs. / Mr. / II / III please type it in the boxt provided. If you have a logo you wanted as a decal, please provide a link with your logo for refrence.

In the following boxes, type the name of the vinyl colors you want for each layer.

Grab a custom-made vinyl decal for your laptop or tablet! Customize your order based on size, color and or order a logo of your business or a hobby of yours!

Select a size.  Please measure the location you want your decal to be placed.  Measure your laptop or tablet to ensure the size will be accurate. I will make the decal the size you select.  If it doesn't fit, I will not be able to exchange or return purchases. 

Please handwash only to maintain the integrity of the decal. Each decal is shipped with easy transfer tape and instructions for application. 

This is a vinyl decal made from Oracle 651-  Permanent adhesive Vinyl will not be reusable. 

Vinyl Decal will last for an extended amount of time (usually 3-5 years depending on the product) in direct sunlight without fading. 

The actual color of the vinyl may vary due to differences in computer display capabilities.

Each decal measures: the width of your computer or tablet or 3.5" for a logo width. 

This is a listing for a Vinyl Decal.  Laptops are not included in the purchase. 

Computer Decals coming soon! 
Tumbler Decals coming soon!